The link to better employee benefits and lower costs

Optimize your benefit program by ensuring employees are receiving the most meaningful benefits at the lowest cost

Learn how Sero's benefits optimization services are changing the employee benefits world

Cost Savings

Sero delivers objective audits and solutions that have a history of reducing costs for employers and their people

Better Benefits

Our solutions deliver concierge service, healthcare navigation, price comparisons, Rx savings, $0 copays, robust options, billing resolutions and more!


The days of wondering whether your business and people are receiving best in class options and education. We only succeed when you do.

The Healthcare Crisis

"It's no secret that our healthcare system no longer works for consumers. Everyone knows costs are climbing at unsustainable rates and access to care isn't straightforward. Consumers feel lost and that they can't afford the care they need when they need it.

After spending years working for the largest benefit brokers in the world, I've noticed that these same frustrations exist as employers search for solutions to help their people and bottom line. I started Sero because I believe in realigning our healthcare system around individuals and businesses, not around insurance carriers and products.

Sero's agnostic, solutions first approach save businesses an average of 25% on their overall spend, streamline administration, while employees report a satisfaction score of 70 NPS, compared to the industry average of 20 NPS."

Tyler C. Perry | Founder

Personalized experience

Each client receives a dedicated point of contact and service team.

Every employee and their families have a dedicated healthcare assistant.

One number. Every Question. Every Service. Every Time.

Why Sero?

The healthcare system is broken, but it doesn't have to be


Sero Benefit Consulting is committed to advocacy, education, and transparency. Our mission is to shine light on an industry that employers and employees alike have historically been left in the dark. We are here to provide the missing link to what has been believed and what is possible.

Our solutions eliminate wasteful spending, create transparency, provide 24/7 support, and drive costs down.

We partner with employers from 100 to 2,000 employees to provide this revolutionary, Fortune 500, program

The future of healthcare starts with you

Care Coordination

Each client has a team of Healthcare Specialists. These specialists are fierce champions for your employees healthcare journey, every step of the way


Employees have access to costs before services are provided and employers have actionable data at their fingertips

Custom Communications

Digital, Mobile, and Print branded the way you want them. After all, it's your program

Multi-Year Strategy

Gone are the days of renewal increases and reactive solutions to offset them. Sero puts employers in the drivers seat

Modern Technology

Online administration, Mobile App access, Real-Time chat support. Your people expect modern access, it's time your benefits program delivers it


Sero removes conflict of interest by aligning directly with our clients, not insurance carriers

Modern services for a modern workforce


- Medical, Dental, Vision, Life, Disability, Mental Health, Financial Health, Direct Primary Care, Accident, Critical Illness, Non-Traditional and International Benefits


- Cost Containment
- Risk Assessment & Placement
- Contribution Strategies
- Renewal Forecasting
- Summary Report Cards

Data & Analytics

- Track Plan Performance
- Predictive Modeling
- Assess Utilization Patterns
- Monitor Large Claims
- Data Mining & Exchanges
- Claim Audits


- Mobile App
- Branded Benefit Guides
- Digital Flipbooks
- Open Enrollment Materials
- Custom Campaigns
- 401(k)
- Leave Policies
- Employee Handbooks

Employer Support

- Dedicated Account Team
- Program Management
- HR on Demand
- Consolidated Billing
- Dynamic Reporting


- Online Administration
- Rewards & Recognition
- HR Tech Vendor Broker


- ERISA "WRAP" Document
- 5500 Filing
- Plan Doc Review & Guidance
- Regulatory / Legislative Updates
- Strategic Analysis

Sero Service

Sero provides accurate and timely answers to our clients. As such, we will always respond to your questions with an answer or inform you it was received and we are researching it further within 24 hours of receiving your inquiry

Employee Guidance

- One Phone Number
- Care Coordinators
- Telemedicine
- Biometrics
- Lifestyle Programs


- Transparent Provider Pricing
-Provider Lookups & Referrals
- Second Opinions
- Rx Management
- Claim Resolutions


- 24 / 7 / 365
- ID Cards
- Benefit Documents
- Second Opinions
- Wellness Incentives
- Claim Status & Updates
- Much More!


Frequently Asked Questions

Are you an insurance broker?

Yes. However, we feel the definition of a modern broker is starkly different than what most employers have experienced. Every benefits broker in the country can access insurance markets directly or through General Agents (GA's). We all have the same access to the same solutions. The MODERN broker goes beyond these prerequisites of access. We believe our value is providing education, advocacy, and strategies that deliver lower costs and a better experience by aligning with strategic partners. We broker strategic partnerships that are aligned to our clients, not insurance carriers.

Why do you work with employers between 100 and 2,000 employees?

Sero focuses on mid-market employers and their people because in our experience this segment has been underinformed on their ability to control costs and impact benefits in a positive manner. Many employers in this size range feel they are too small to self-fund their benefits. Sero specializes in self-funded solutions through Third-Party Administrators, Healthcare Captives and Strategic Partners.

Isn't Self-Funding Risky?

Nearly 60% of employees in the U.S. are covered by a self-funded health plan through their employer. Many employers feel it is risky however, because they are under the impression their costs can explode. The truth is, while costs can fluctuate, there are known maximum annual costs stated contractually.

Do we have to wait until renewal to evaluate and make changes?

No. This is a common misconception. Most insurance contracts are "at will" and employers are free to move with 30, 60, or 90 days written notice of termination. We recommend an off anniversary change when the reasons to change are compelling enough to do so. Benefit programs should be monitored and evaluated throughout the year, not just at renewal.

Does our program change if we change brokers?

No. An employer's benefit program is unaffected by a Broker of Record change. Often, Sero Benefits meets clients in their current program without changes and at the outset of our relationship we set our long-term strategy to meet the needs of our clients over the next 12, 24, and 36 months.